“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”   — Jonathan Swift



I've never been somebody who liked talking about myself.  And writing this is probably the most difficult part of building an internet portfolio.  I usually just let my work speak for itself.  However, I do love photography & have worked my ass off for the past 20 years to get to this point. 

I grew up in a small shoreline town in Connecticut. I skateboarded most of my childhood away w/ a camera close by. I knew I wouldn't be skateboarding for eternity, although my neighbors still make fun of me for riding it around the neighborhood. But there was something about photography that I knew early on would last forever.

Along the way, I found inspirational photographer's to work for & learn from.  I surrounded myself with creative & likeminded people.  In the early 2000's, I went off on my own.  Fought through the post 9/11 days by exploring different avenues of photography. Everything from advertising work & editorial spreads to fashion & weddings.  I found I was good at almost everything I did.

Now, in my "40-something's."  Where everyone has a camera in their back pocket,  I have truly fine-tuned my work. And it's simple.  I capture the beautiful & rare moments that happen in everyday life. Whether I produce an image conceptually or capture it organically, I have recognized this special talent to see & create wonderful light...  Which is honestly, the essence of any great photographer.  A talent most of us do not possess. The camera has always been an easy tool that allowed me to share my view & appreciation for life, people and the great moments we all share.

I now reside with my family south of Boston, in the small town of Norton, MA where I also have a studio.  Servicing clients throughout New England & beyond.

Work with Me

As you may have noticed, I specialize in capturing people.  Commercial, advertising, editorial, or corporate work. Young & old. 

I never stop learning or expanding with what I do. I continue to push myself creatively and professionally while working with other creatives.  I am always experimenting with new lighting techniques, equipment & post production work.

Do you have an upcoming project?  I am always excited to hear your ideas, thoughts, wishes, collaborations and inquiries.

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.